Building A Brand With Functional Additives

First impressions are important in retail. Whether you are trying to tempt new customers into splurging or maintaining your loyal fan base, packaging gives you the power. First impressions are lasting, even if they are eventually disproven by facts. Plastic additives help you make the perfect first impression by foiling dust bunnies, keeping vital information from being washed right off the label and saying goodbye to bad odors. These additives are only a few of the many great options for plastic packaging.


Color is Vital Tool in Forming Consumer Brand Identity

To grab attention at the point of purchase, consumer brands need to break through the clutter of competing products and messages. We are bombarded every day with ads and messages, so consumer brand companies need a differentiator to separate themselves from the visual clutter online, in print and in broadcast media.


Antistatic Additives

Q: What is an Antistatic additive? A: Antistatic additives have static dissipative qualities that prevent static charges that build up on the surface of plastic products. Static can attract dust and dirt, cause clinging or sticking, as well as even be a fire or explosion hazard if a static charge sparks in the presence of flammable liquids. While there are various antistatic sprays that can be applied to the surface of parts, the optimum method of tackling this problem is through at antistatic additive that becomes an inherent part of the plastic material.


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