Power And Authority: The Great Influence Of Color

Choosing the right color for your product could be the difference between your product being a massive success or a disappointment. Colors evoke a physical and emotional response from consumers. Knowing in advance how your color choice will affect your customer can help you make better decisions during your product development process. Be sure to understand the sex, age and culture of your target market. Plastics Color can help you find that perfect color to help your product pop.


The Colors Of Summer

Whether you’re wearing it or decorating with it, don’t be afraid of color this season. From the yellow of the sun to the violet of a thunderstorm, the red of a flower to the shimmering blue of the sea, summer colors are brighter, more vibrant, more noticeable than anything other seasons can offer. Intended to transport us to a happier, sunnier place, the 2016 summer palette includes vivid, optimistic brights as well as softer shades that inspire a sense of calm and stability.


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