Roots And A Crown: Building the National Museum of African American History And Culture

The African American Museum is the nationโ€™s newest repository of history and the first green museum on the National Mall. Plastic โ€“ from safety equipment during the construction phase to pipes, ceilings, insulation and skylights โ€“ played a role in making the stunning building a reality.


Global demand expands for FlamaSol

The global demand for flame-retardant materials is growing exponentially. Stricter building codes, particularly in developing nations, and concerns over toxicity in consumer products are driving the increase. FlamaSol, one of the most effective flame retardant additives, contains none of the harmful chemicals used in previous formulations. Available in non-halogenated and low-halogenated versions, FlamaSol can help your product meet even the most stringent standards and regulations. Adding FlamaSol to your products prepares them for the global marketplace. Contact a Plastics Color represent


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