Antimicrobials Protect Plastic Containers For Biocides

Plastic containers used for pharmaceutical products, food packaging and many other consumer uses are prone to microbial contamination and biofilm formation. Microorganisms such as mold, mildew, algae and even yeast can impair the service life of untreated plastic containers. MicroBlok®, an additive produced by Plastics Color Corp., helps inhibit the advance of bacteria, fungi and other microbes on treated surfaces. This greatly reduces stains, odors and product deterioration that can occur in plastic containers.


From Resin to Product: Plastics Production, Uses And Properties

Plastic is everywhere in our lives, yet few of us understand what they are or the processes required to transform raw materials into products we can use. Beginning with the resin stage, we look at how colors and functional additives can be introduced to achieve the properties desired for the end-use product. We also examine consumer goods packaging, detailing which resins are used, the qualities of the particular resins and the final product usage.


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