Inside the Color Codes of Caps and Closures

Whether in the lab or the grocery store, the color of a plastic cap plays an important role in identifying the contents of a container.


Clean and Sterilized: Sterilization Techniques for Plastics

Removing or killing of pathogenic organisms (including bacterial and fungal spores) from the surfaces of tools used in a medical setting is known as sterilization. Polymers are sterilized using dry heat, autoclaving, ionizing radiation from either gamma rays or E-beam, or with ethylene oxide gas. In addition to currently available methods, researchers are pursuing X-rays and anti-bacterial biomaterials to reduce bacterial infection risks.


Prosthetics And Plastics: Plastics Have A Leg To Stand On

Since World War II, plastics have been used in the development of prosthetics, allowing for artificial limbs that are lighter, stronger and more versatile than wood or metal.


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