The Amazing Story of Plastic Candy Containers

The candy industry relies heavily on impulse purchases. Candy packages are designed to be eye-catching and are typically placed in checkout lanes or near the register of convenience stores. Candy companies put a significant amount of time and effort into designing their packaging to appeal to customers’ cravings and to be readily recognizable by brand name. Polymer additives and colorants help companies achieve the exact appearance they are looking for.


Building A Brand With Functional Additives

First impressions are important in retail. Whether you are trying to tempt new customers into splurging or maintaining your loyal fan base, packaging gives you the power. First impressions are lasting, even if they are eventually disproven by facts. Plastic additives help you make the perfect first impression by foiling dust bunnies, keeping vital information from being washed right off the label and saying goodbye to bad odors. These additives are only a few of the many great options for plastic packaging.


Scent Additives: A Unique Advantage

When it comes to value-added products, scent additives deliver a unique advantage. They are used in a range of applications and are playing a growing role in consumer products for the home.


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