Plastics Are Booming In Construction

Plastics have become a common substitute for traditional building materials and are increasingly being used in construction because they are lighter, cheaper and more durable. FlamaSol, a flame-retardant additive, provides an extra layer of protection for plastic house wrap, outdoor decking, circuit boxes and similar products. Formulated to stop or slow the spread of fire, FlamaSol offers peace of mind when used in either commercial or residential applications. FlamaSol can be designed for your specific resin and application. Contact a Plastics Color representative to see how FlamaSol can e


Constructing A Safe Job Site with FlamaSol FR

Nylon netting. House wraps. Ceiling tiles. These plastic items and more are common on construction sites and can benefit from the addition of a flame-retardant. FlamaSol can play a crucial part in reducing the devastating impact of fires on a jobsite.


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