Quality Compliance

Plastics Color is committed to providing exceptional service to you. As part of this commitment, our company holds multiple certifications and accreditations that strengthen our ability to help you meet and exceed government standards and regulations. 

In addition, we have a corporate quality systems and regulatory affairs manager on staff who ensures high quality standards are being met on a daily basis. 

Drug Master Files

Drug Master Files (DMFs) provide the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) confidential, detailed information about facilities, processes or articles used to manufacture, process, package or store drugs intended for human use.

The most important benefit of a DMF is that it streamlines the FDA compliance process for colors, additives and concentrates intended for medical and pharmaceutical applications and helps brand owners get their product into the marketplace faster.

Plastics Color offers a catalog of colors, additives and concentrates packaged with FDA-listed DMFs.

Our Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager is available to help with any questions relating to the DMF process. 

UL Certified

UL (formerly The Underwriters Laboratories) is dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments through testing, inspection, auditing and certification processes. Plastics Color has multiple products that meet UL standards in various categories, including PPC, PEC, ABS, HIPS, and our flame retardant. To ensure that our company maintains a high level of quality, an auditor performs annual tests on random samples.

Accreditations and Certifications

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