We inform every customer, every partner actually, which color will underscore confidence in a medical device, which color heightens the fun of an outdoor jungle gym, and even which color delights the consumer looking for just the right kitchen appliance.

We want our customers to know that it is our job to help them create products that show their true colors and, perhaps most importantly, promote their brand. In cases where the customer is not sure what color code is needed, our color specialist can identify it and help turn ideas into reality.

Plastics Color is able to continue to bring new solutions to the forefront. We do this with an up-to-date inventory of color chips and samples for on-demand delivery. We combine this with a highly skilled and experienced team of technical sales representatives to foster development and commercialization of new products and solutions. There is no need to be concerned if the color need is not in our extensive color library. That’s because we’ll help create the perfect colors for plastic.

With decades of experience in color development, our team of scientists routinely introduces innovative products to the marketplace. We can use this knowledge to help customers create a product that communicates a specific brand identity. It’s the perfect collaboration between what’s trending and what look truly fits the brand. So if coloring plastic performance is paramount, let the Plastics Color development team lead the way into the lab.

We look forward to putting our technical and problem-solving expertise to the test. Contact a Plastics Color representative today to find out how.

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