About Plastics Color Corporation


With more than 50 years in the plastics industry, Plastics Color is a global leader in color concentrates, functional additives and custom polymer masterbatches. Our reputation is built on innovation and we are proud to offer our customers an extensive range of product solutions.

Launched in 1964 under the name Kamco Plastics, our company originally focused on reprocessed color compounds. Our commitment to producing quality products led to rapid growth into dry color, white concentrate, color concentrate, and other additives. In 1989, Kamco Plastics officially changed its name to Plastics Color Corporation. With facilities in Illinois and North Carolina, Plastics Color became a well-known name in the plastics industry.

A key to our 50+ years of success is our ability to adapt to an ever-changing, consumer-driven market. As we move into the future, Plastics Color will continue to focus on new markets, while developing innovative color solutions for our customers. We can work with you at the earliest stage of development, help you envision your product’s future, and assist with delivering your product to market faster than competitors.

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