Research and Partnering

Our Partners Are Your Partners

With the helping hand of our parent company PMC Global, Plastics Color Corporation has the power to satisfy your all of your needs. PMC Global Inc.’s history dates back to the early 1950s. The privately owned company quickly began picking up steam and began investing and managing various companies from all across the country β€” and the world.

And to ensure we are current on all of the latest color trends, we have partner with various consultants, marketing firms, and industry leaders to better help meet your needs. Through our network we are not only able to meet, but often forecast the direction the color industry is leaning towards. This knowledge can help aid your decision making as well as provide a positive impact as you continue to establish your brand identity.

It is through these companies that we have a network of experts where no problem will go unanswered. With subsidiaries in the chemical, construction, financial, food service, health and beauty, machinery, packaging, and pharmaceutical fields we have plenty of β€œgo-tos” should we need any extra references of success. So when you work with Plastics Color, no matter how big or how small your project is, you know you have the support you need for a job well done.

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