UV Stabilizer Functional Additives

Among the functional additives Plastics Color Corporation has developed are those that can prevent package degradation that could prove costly to a customer. For such specific packaging concerns, these additives enhance performance and add to a product’s service life.

UV light has been proven to cause yellowing and lead to the formation of harmful free radicals that can degrade and decompose a polymer chain. UV stabilizers prevent this damage and will also impede chalking. These functional additives diffuse light to protect the contents in a plastic container and can either reflect or absorb UV light before it can begin polymer degradation and fade the product’s color.

UV stabilizers help mitigate deterioration or breakdown of the plastics in products that are primarily used outdoors. These products might include but are not limited to lawn and garden equipment, pool equipment, pool and patio furniture, automotive application including both interior such as instrument and dash panels, and exterior parts. Sunlight, hot and cold temperatures and other weather situations can cause the properties that make plastic long lasting and beautiful to break down and cause color fading.

There are additives called UV Absorbers which will absorb the light and dissipate its energy. These two additives are typically used in conjunction with each other – a mixture of these two.

At Plastics Color, we do our own QUV testing at our in-house plant and we also send samples to outdoor weathering and testing labs in both Florida and Arizona to ensure that these products do the job.

Contact Plastics Color to get complete details on the UV stabilizer process, or for information on any of our functional additives.

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