Distinctive And Functional

Plastic components are an integral part of the electronic devices we depend on every day. Typically, polycarbonate blends, acrylics and high-impact polystyrene are used to manufacture electronic enclosures and cases. A product’s look can be essential to catching consumers’ attention.

Typical Uses

  1. Smartphones
  2. Laptops
  3. Ear buds
  4. TVs
  5. Thermostats

Common Additives

  1. Special Effects
  2. FlamaSol®
  3. MicroBlok®
  4. UV-sensitive taggants

Safety Standards – No Problem

Because electronic devices can be dangerous if electrical parts are not housed appropriately, all plastic components need to meet regulatory requirements in the end application. The team at Plastics Color has regulatory and compliance expertise as well as an understanding of chemistries that may be legally required by industry standards.

Plastics Color Distinction

The professionals at Plastics Color’s Solutions Center are experienced at adapting the latest color trends (as compounds or LiquiSol® concentrates) and additives to a wide range of polymers suitable for electronic equipment. Contact Plastics Color today to take the first step toward a distinctive product.

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