Pharmaceuticals and Nutraceuticals

Trustworthy Performance

Packaging for pharmaceuticals and nutraceuticals needs to be functional and meet the strict regulatory demands of the FDA. Packaging design should connect your product with the customer and also enhance the product’s performance.

Typical Uses

  1. Pill and supplement bottles
  2. Specimen poly bags
  3. Liners
  4. Vials
  5. Protective coverings
  6. Caps

Common Additives

  1. MicroBlok®
  2. UV packages
  3. Anti-static additives
  4. Antioxidants

The Regulatory Climate

Plastics Color’s regulatory affairs manager is knowledgeable in all legal requirements and can assist you with meeting federal regulations. A full catalog of drug master files is available to help get products to market faster. Plastics Color’s laboratory maintains ISO 17025 accreditations and is equipped to handle customer requests.

The Solutions Team Method

Plastics Color works with you to develop pharmaceutical and nutraceutical applications from product design to brand management and marketing. Contact a sales representative today to get started.

Other Resources

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