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Plastics Color Corporation is committed to providing you the very best service that expands above and beyond industry standards. In doing so, we take the extra effort to get to know you, that way we can better get to know your product, and in-turn produce a result you can be proud of. After all, our success is your success. And with that in mind we have a variety of resources and tools at your service to help you build upon that success.

Here’s how we know we can help:


  • Blog - Topics and discussions from the world of color – and beyond.

  • Case Studies - If you’re wondering what Plastics Color can do for you, consider the experiences of some of our customers.

  • Infographics - What kinds of functional and specialty additives does Plastics Color offer? Our chart shows you everything at a glance.

  • News - Keep up with the latest information about Plastics Color and trends in the plastics industry.

  • Videos - Watch our videos!


  • Color Match Request - Don’t depend on the eye test to find the right color. Our scientists can help you find the exact color code for your existing product or packaging. Log in and let us help you find that special color you’ve been looking for.

  • Color Trends - Discover the annual color palettes.

  • Cost Calculator - Get the big picture with the help of our cost calculator. This tool will allow you to take the information you received from our sales rep and match it up with your vendor’s current pricing, formulating all your savings.

  • Literature - Over the years we have collected a lot of knowledge on array of different topics within the plastics industry. Browse our literature section for more information on our various services to see how we can better help serve you.

  • Quality Compliance - Our labs have an array of certifications and accreditations to help you meet and exceed the necessary government standards and regulations.

  • White Papers - Perfect for those who want to stay in the know in regards to the ever changing plastic color business, our white paper collection will help you stay abreast of all the government and industry changes.

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