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Color Unearthed By Plastics

Our natural world is a wildly colorful place that is the inspiration for the many colors that Plastics Color develops for its customers. From the brilliant blues of the oceans, seas and the sky, to the bright yellow, orange and red of sunsets, and the golden browns of the desert Southwest, there are more colors than we can even imagine.

All of these colors of nature have inspired Plastics Color to introduce “Unearthed,” the nature-inspired color palette for 2015. This new color palette will WOW you with its brilliance, variety, and vibrancy to color all your products from home décor and personal electronics, to consumer packaging and much more. Color can help define your brand, give your product flash and make a splash on store shelves.

Whether you are re-branding a mature product, developing a new product or looking for a new look for a product “family” – and vibrant color that will tie the products together with a unique identity, “Unearthed” offers you the latest in colors that are sure to meet your marketing requirements.

Plastics Color is celebrating the introduction of our new “Unearthed” color palette, and it’s getting a lot of attention from people who are amazed by these surreal colors. We’re showcasing some of the most amazing new colors that Plastics Color has ever created.

Let Plastics Color’s new “Unearthed” color palette inspire your imagination for the products you create that are sure to catch consumers’ eyes and be an inspiration to their own creativity.

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