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Colors Now App shortens formulation time

Digital technology has transformed many of the world’s businesses, including the plastics industry. It started with websites and email marketing, but has evolved with the explosion of the mobile phone and growing use of social media.

Today, the plastics industry has slowly adapted to new digital technologies in testing, manufacturing, sales and office functions. The latest innovation on the color development front is Plastics Color’s Colors Now digital technology, which gives processors and brand owners easy access to the company’s extensive color chip library directly from a mobile phone.

Digital access means shorter development cycle

Colors Now is a major advancement because it shortens and condenses the product development cycle. Color development is a multi-pronged effort that involves extensive discussion with customers and their customer (the brand owner). Time is of the essence as companies look to optimize their designs and develop unique color formulations that differentiate their products and make them stand out in the marketplace. So this new digital mobile advantage gives users one more option to access the colors they need at the touch of a button.

Designed with a range of features, Colors Now is a color selection system that is easy and convenient, enabling exclusive access to our huge color library with hundreds of colors at your fingertips.

The system features the NODE+chroma modular sensor by Variable, which helps to match an existing color that doesn’t exist in the color library. You can scan your item, upload the color to your custom color palette and send the exact chroma code to the Plastics Color lab.

Guessing and estimating are eliminated and the color development process is enhanced. You can narrow your color selections down to specific matches through either the Plastics Color library or NODE+chroma scan. Once your exact color is selected, you can request plastic chips or samples directly from the Plastics Color lab.

Another key feature is the ability to store your color palettes. Users can log into the Colors Now app and save their favorite colors and photos to ideation palettes. You can reference your palettes across iOS devices via the Colors Now app.

Colors Now is a valuable tool and the fastest way to get the colors you need to expedite your product development effort. Send us your questions at

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