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Are Your Plastic Parts the Real Deal?


One of the biggest and costliest problems that many manufacturers have is ensuring that the plastic components they purchase from their various molded parts suppliers are the real deal.

There is a huge need to ensure that molded parts are both safe and meet all OEM standards before they get into consumer hands. The material from which the parts are molded must actually be the polymer specified for the parts. In the recent case of luxury automaker Aston Martin, an accelerator-pedal arm wasn’t manufactured as specified. The material was “counterfeit” -- it wasn’t the material that Aston Martin specified and it resulted in the recall of 17,000 cars due to the breakage of accelerator pedal arms. And, of course, a high-end brand like Aston Martin, can’t afford to have its reputation tarnished by such a recall.

While that’s dangerous enough, there are many other products for which using the specified material is critical to not only the health of the consumer using the product, but to the health of the OEM’s brand. Aston Martin is just one of dozens of anecdotes of products containing the wrong material or the wrong additives, such as regrind material being used when the part calls for virgin, and more.

Taggants have an important role in ensuring that the material the OEM specified is the material used by the molder. Taggants are additives that are encoded with unique chemical “markers” to provide the insurance OEMs need for their products. Plastics Color Corporation developed its Mi Batch™ anti-counterfeiting technologies for plastics to do just that.

Introduced a year ago, the MiBatch line of particle taggants provide the means to fight against the use of counterfeit materials. Compatible with a wide variety of resins, MiBatch provides a high level of security for OEMs introducing a unique chemical/spectral “signature” that becomes part of the plastic component or product. This signature can be read by special devices, both in the factory and in the field, thus verifying that the material is, in fact, genuine.

Being proactive in protecting your brand and your reputation with material taggants from Plastics Color saves you from costly recalls and litigation, and protects the consumer from unsafe products all while ensuring your brand integrity. Read more about PCC’s MiBatch technology.

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