Caps and Closures: Functions and Aesthetic Considerations

Caps and closures help safeguard products from microbes, premature degeneration and damaging UV light – protection that is particularly crucial for the food, beverage, medical and pharmaceutical sectors.Additives not only provide protection, they can also be designed to complement a product’s or package’s aesthetic appeal.Common Functional Additives for Caps and ClosuresTo effectively seal a bottle or container and provide the right level of protection for the contents, caps and closures may require one or more functional additives. Some of the most widely used include:Antimicrobial addi


Antistatic Additives

There are many properties of plastics that need modifying to suit specific applications. We call these “functional” additives because they are developed to function in a unique way when added to polymer materials. Here we’ll continue our Q&A discussion about functional additives Q: What is static electricity? A: Static electricity is electricity generated by an unbalance of the molecular construction of relatively non-conductive insulators such as plastics and other non-conductive materials. While static electricity as such is relatively harmless to humans, one report shows that static

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