Travel-Sized Packaging For An On-The-Go Future

A quick trip to a grocery store reveals a trend in plastic packaging that is impossible to ignore. Travel-sized or single-serving pouches, pods, blister packs, sachets and trial bottles are taking over the shelves, a phenomenon especially apparent in the food, cosmetic and drug aisles.The impetus behind this trend is multi-faceted. The average person’s day is much busier and faster paced than ever before, and the idea of portable, on-the-go packaging appeals to those who are in constant motion.Also, with the rising popularity of healthy living comes the need for portion control, which can ea


Innovations In Smart Packaging

Not too many years ago, a consumer entering a grocery store faced a plethora of products in nearly identical packages with only slight variations in color, font and logo. Today, the diversity of packaging options is refreshing, attractive, sensible and fun.Form truly meets function in the modern plastic packaging industry. Innovative polymer additives block harmful UV light, safeguard against counterfeiting and create aesthetically unique special effects. Other packaging trends take advantage of mobile devices and IoT (Internet of Things) technology to reinvent an entire industry with an eye t


Color is Vital Tool in Forming Consumer Brand Identity

To grab attention at the point of purchase, consumer brands need to break through the clutter of competing products and messages. We are bombarded every day with ads and messages, so consumer brand companies need a differentiator to separate themselves from the visual clutter online, in print and in broadcast media.There are many things that help persuade consumers during the buying process and move them to a specific brand in a store aisle. While key elements such as unique design, graphics and distinctive brand identity are highly useful in drawing consumer attention, nothing is more powerf


Think About Pool and Spa Applications

Plastics used in pool and spa applications need to have a number of material attributes to withstand that environment, including good impact strength, chemical resistance to bromine and chlorine, and good UV performance. Pool and spa components are made almost entirely of plastics including the pump housings and interior gear parts; lighting housings, in-floor pool cleaning pop-ups, system filtration parts and the pipes from which the plumbing is constructed. Materials typically used are PVC and very high-strength poly-carbonate/polyester alloys to provide longevity for pool/spa systems tha


Don’t Miss North America’s Largest Packaging Show!

One of the largest packaging shows in the world and the biggest in North America – Pack Expo – will be held Nov. 2-5 in Chicago, at McCormick Place. You don’t want to miss this great event! Everyone who is anyone in the packaging industry will be at Pack Expo 2014, including hundreds of brand owners (Kraft, P&G, Nestle, and other big-name brands in food, cosmetics, consumer products, and more). For the plastics industry, this is a huge opportunity to showcase the important role of plastics in innovative packaging. This year’s show is collocated with Pharma Expo, attracting medic

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