Develop Brand and Quality With Plastics Color

Full-service capabilities are important for processors and brand owners who have tight product development cycles. Plastics Color goes beyond expectations in its delivery of lab services, providing state-of-the-art capabilities in testing, formulations, and color matching. We focus on the process to ensure that the best product is created. Developing a brand identity is important so we work hand-in-hand with you to develop out-of-the-box ideas to position your product in the marketplace. We understand that a new product line requires consistent, perfect color across a broad spectrum of polymer


Learn About our Color Matching Lab

Pantone announced the 2015 Colors of the Year, and what a beautiful variety – something for everyone. That’s why we at Plastics Color provide a color matching lab specializing in highest quality color using the latest in spectrophotometer equipment to get your color “right on.” Brand owners keep up with the latest in color combinations each year so their consumer products stand out on the shelves as the most up-to-date. While brand owners don’t always change their entire product line, they might change up the color combinations in the latest shades of Pantone colors to meet the ne


Color Formulator Wanted!

It’s a bright, colorful world out there and the world of plastics is no different. That’s why we’re looking for a Color Formulator to develop smart, cost-effective, reproducible formulations for us. At Plastics Color, we’ve developed a reputation for our great customer service through our wide range of color solutions. Plastics Color is a leader in color for the plastics industry including masterbatch, liquid color, and dry powder. We develop color solutions for large brand owners who use color to identify and differentiate their products’ packaging on store shelves, to smaller co

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