The Amazing Story of Plastic Candy Containers

When you pick up a plastic container of gum or breath mints on a whim while waiting to pay for gas, you probably don’t think much about the marketing research, engineering and hard work that went into the seemingly simple package you’re holding in your hand.Who designed it? Why did the designer choose a certain color? Who supplied the plastic? Where was it molded into a container? No, you probably just want to pay for it, open it and dig in. But that little plastic container has an interesting past.An Industry of ConvenienceThe confectionery industry tends to favor injection-molded candy p


Scent Additives Help your Products Stand Out!

When it comes to value-added products, scent additives deliver a unique advantage. They are used in a range of applications and are playing a growing role in consumer products for the home. They are used to reflect the fragrance or aroma of the product in plastic packaging and can even help mask an unpleasant odor of some plastics. To enhance their marketing efforts, manufacturers use scents in their plastic products, creating a mood and attracting consumer attention. Scents also help manufacturers mask unpleasant odors in applications such as dust bin bags or household chemical containers.Ins

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