Make Your Product Stand Out

Additives can help your product stand out. From anti-microbial solutions to visual effects, additive options from Plastics Color can distinguish your product from the competition. Additionally, certain additives can aid in the manufacturing process by increasing cycle times and enhancing efficiency. Plastics Color offers a variety of custom additive solutions to enhance your product or your process!

Proprietary Additives:

  • FlamaSol FR® - Created by Plastics Color in response to the elimination of decabromodiphenyl oxide, Flamasol FR, a flame-retardant additive, offers superb extinguishing performance for plastic products without the use of hazardous chemicals.

  • MicroBlok® - Offered in two variations (Zinc or Silver), MicroBlok antimicrobial additive inhibits the growth of bacteria that may cause stains, odors and product deterioration.

Other Additives:

  • Antiblock — Antiblock additives reduce surface friction allowing plastic products to separate easier.

  • Anti-Fogging – Antifogging additives prevent film from forming on the inside of plastic packaging frequently used for food.

  • Antioxidant — Plastic products are susceptible to oxidation; a molecular degradation that can occur both during the production process as well as throughout a product’s life. Antioxidant additives combat this degradation and help the product maintain its form and color.

  • Anti-Static — Antistatic additives prevent static charges from building up on the surface of plastic products.

  • Clarifying Agents for PP — The physical properties and sustainability of polypropylene (PP) make it a preferred choice for many applications. Adding clarifying agents can reduce haze that often form on products made with PP.

  • Impact Modifier - Impact modifier additives increase a product’s elasticity and impact strength.

  • Laser Marking/Welding – Laser marking additives apply a high-contrast mark directly onto the plastic. Durable and precise, the mark may contain required product data or other important information that needs to last for the lifetime of the product.

  • Matting Agents — Matting agents modify the surface of a plastic, creating a frosted or matte finish that can diffuse light or prevent glare/shine.

  • Mold Release — During molding, products may adhere to the mold. Mold release additives keep them from sticking so they don’t hold up the production line.

  • Nucleating Agent — Nucleating agents encourage quicker crystallization of the resin, which lets the product cool faster and preserves its stability.

  • Optical Brightener — Optical brighteners can make whites and colors pop or produce a fluorescent effect that’s visible under a black light.

  • Scent — Scent additives can be used to add a fragrance to a product or neutralize a resin’s inherent aroma.

  • Slip — Slip additives reduce friction between plastics, which decreases tackiness and makes processing, storage and distribution easier.

  • Stearates — Polymers tend to get sticky when heated above their melting temperatures. Stearates can help reduce the friction between the polymer and a filler, metal or other polymer.

  • Toner — Toners can be used to clarify a product’s color, bring a color back to neutral or make a color sharper.

  • UV Stabilizers — UV stabilizers reflect or absorb damaging UV rays, diffusing light to protect the contents inside a plastic container.

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