Color Your World With Concentrates And Masterbatches

Plastics Color Corporation is proud to be a global provider of black, white and color concentrates and additive masterbatches. Our concentrates and masterbatches are used in an extensive range of markets, including pharmaceuticals, electronics, consumer packaging, sporting goods and more.

Let Us Help You

To ensure that you get the most out of your product, we are available to assist you from the planning stage all the way through production. Contact our color specialists to learn how Plastics Color can best meet your needs.

To ensure that you get the most out of your products, we are available to assist you from the planning stage all the way through production of your product. We invite you to contact our color specialists to see how Plastics Color can best meet your needs for color concentrates.

Concentrate Products

  • Black Concentrates - Plastics Color is a major supplier of black concentrate. We offer a variety of options so we can meet your process and aesthetic requirements including coverage, opacity and appropriate carrier resin. If you already have a shade of black in mind, we can custom match to get the proper tint and depth.

  • Color Concentrates - Color is the key to ensuring that consumers pay attention to your product. Creating the right color is a synthesis of aesthetics and science. Our company has specialized in the development and manufacture of color concentrates for more than five decades. We use the latest in color pigment systems and technologies as well as the latest in color trending information. When you partner with Plastics Color for your color needs, you can expect consistent quality, the latest technology, innovative and on-trend colors and the timely regulatory support you require!

  • White Concentrates - Plastics Color creates white concentrate formulations suited for virtually any end product. Our variations of white run from a bluish white undertone to a superior-quality extended white. Opacity levels are offered as additional variations. End applications for our white concentrate formulations range from commodity sheet to consumer products to pharmaceutical packaging and medical-related applications.

  • UltraBatch™ - Plastics Color’s patent-pending UltraBatch is a powerful explosion of color, providing colorant loading levels ranging up to 80 percent with a standard-sized pellet. Our unique process allows our formulators to add more pigments as we increase the color levels and decrease the let down ratio.

    Flexible in design, UltraBatch works in a variety of applications. UltraBatch color concentrates can be added to:

    • Olefins
    • Styrenics
    • Opaque PET colors
    • A variety of other resins

    If you are looking for a great alternative to traditional concentrates, UltraBatch may be the right solution or you. This powerful color concentrate offers superior color distribution and can be formulated to meet FDA requirements.

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