Extra protection with the addition of FlamaSol

Flame Retardant Plastics without Sacrificing Aesthetics

In 2012 decabromodiphenyl oxide was eliminated from industry use due to safety concerns brought on after the discovery that it was harmful to both humans and the environment. With that declared there was a big need for a safe flame and heat resistant plastic. Enter Plastics Color Corporation.

Developing a heat resistant plastic takes expertise. With the void of decabrome, Plastics Color's quest to develop a high temperature plastic began with this goal: Create a flame retardant compound that offered superb extinguishing performance for plastic products without the use of hazardous chemicals. And with this FlamaSol FR™ was created. Our team of scientists at Plastics Color tested a wide variety of materials under simulated temperature and combustion conditions to find the best formulations for you. FlamaSol FR is ideal for use in construction materials (electrical conduit and switch boxes), warehousing products (such as fire retardant plastic sheeting for shelving and pallets), personal electronic equipment (computers and televisions), and other applications where flammability or ignition is a concern.

Now Plastics Color has expanded the use of its FlamaSol FR, giving you options to fit your each and every high heat plastic and high temperature resin need. FlamaSol is designed for your specific resin and application, and it is available in white, black, natural master batches, and custom formulations for any color. And due to its flexibility, FlamaSol works well in injection molding, extrusion, and blow molding applications.

Our polymeric brominated version of FlamaSol is readily available for PP, PE, Nylon, and PET. In addition to our halogenated versions with antimony, we have a few other formulations too:

  • PP – Low halogen version.
  • Nylon – Fully non-halogenated version.
  • PET — Fully non-halogenated version.

Explore FlamaSol FR

Providing the best products possible is always a top priority for Plastics Color. And just as we swiftly made the change from decabrome to FlamaSol, we strive to continually to offer the best fit formulations for your resins and applications — for all your heat resistant plastic needs. Reach out to a Plastics Color representative to learn about FlamaSol FR’s expanded uses.

Environmental Concerns

It DOES NOT CONTAIN decabromodiphenyl oxide or antimony trioxide, two common ingredients in most flame retardant packages. Decabromodiphenyl oxide is considered potentially toxic and was eliminated in flame retardant formulations, with manufacturing ceased in 2012. Decabrome was eliminated because it is a form of PBDEs (Polybrominated diphenyl ethers). There is growing evidence that PBDEs persist in the environment and accumulate in living organisms, as well as toxicological testing that indicates these chemicals may cause liver toxicity. Environmental monitoring programs have found traces of several PBDEs in human breast milk, fish, aquatic birds, and elsewhere in the environment. Plastics Color Corporation takes matters of the environment very seriously, and we are committed to ensuring only the best materials are used for the safety of both consumers and the environment. Products made with FlamaSol FR will self-extinguish, protecting surroundings and personnel from fire hazards.

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