More Color. Same Pellet Size.

Plastics Color Corporation takes pride in being an industry leader in colorants and custom polymer technologies. Our innovative team consistently searches for fresh and exciting ways to help enhance your products. Through this commitment, we have developed a brand new way for you to add more color to your products. We are happy to introduce the newest product in our line of color concentrates, UltraBatch™.

UltraBatch is a powerful explosion of color, providing loading levels ranging up to 80 percent with a standard-sized pellet. This allows our labs to add more pigments as we increase the color levels and decrease the letdown ratio.

Flexible in design, UltraBatch works in a variety of applications. You will find just how easy UltraBatch color concentrates are to implement as they can be added to olefins, styrenics, opaque PET colors, applications using UV additives and a variety of other resins.

Proudly stated, color is what we do best. If you are looking for a great alternative to traditional concentrates, UltraBatch may be the solution for you. This powerful color concentrate can be formulated to meet FDA requirements, has a much lower melting point and offers superior color distribution.

For more information on how you can get UltraBatch into production for your products, contact the knowledgeable Plastics Color reps today.

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