Colors Now

Color On The Go

Discover the easiest way to find the perfect color with the help of Colors Now by Plastics Color Corporation.

Colors Now, our color selection system, provides exclusive access to our huge color library, where you will have hundreds of colors at your fingertips.

If you are looking to match an existing color, but don’t see it in the existing color library, no problem. With the help of a NODE+chroma modular sensor by Variable, you can scan your item, upload the color to your custom color palette, and send the exact chroma code to our lab.

With Colors Now there is no guessing or estimating. You can shorten your color development process and narrow your color selections down to specific matches through either the Plastics Color library or NODE+chroma scan.

Once your exact color is selected, you can request plastic chips or samples directly with the Plastics Color lab.

Colors Now is the fastest way to get the colors you want and need!


  • Plastics Color Library – Access 100s of colors in the Plastics Color formulation library. Pre-select a color that the lab has already formulated for an expedited and exact match.
  • Spectro-Technology – Use the NODE+chroma technology for an accurate color scan in order to match your exact color need.
  • Store your Palettes β€” Log into the app and save your favorite colors and photos to ideation palettes. Reference your palettes across iOS devices via the Colors Now app.

Get your NODE+chroma bundle here!

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