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With over five decades of experience, Plastics Color Corporate proudly built an array of services that help you develop new products that lead your markets. Our mission is to help you improve your business and at the same time reduce the time it takes to get your product to the market. Extensive lab services, precise color matching, and an innovative solution center are only a few ways we can help. Check out our full list for services and contact your Plastics Color representative for more information.

Our Services:

  • Color Matching - We provide testing, formulations, and custom color matching. Whether you pull straight from the color wheel or special design, we have the expertise to match it for you.

  • Compounding - We’ll combine everything according to your specifications. Rely on Plastics Color for compounding services that work for a variety of products and manufacturing processes.

  • Lab Services - With an in-house research and problem solving team we are able to find solutions for you in the realms of color matching, testing, formulas, and more.

  • Quality Compliance - Our labs have an array of certifications and accreditations to help you meet and exceed the necessary government standards and regulations.

  • Solutions Center - Our solution centers are the proud location where specialists push us to be industry leaders year-after-year as they create and test new products and formulas.

  • Technical Expertise - With over 50 years of experience, we can assist you with every aspect from production assistance to full formula makeovers.

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