Color Match

The Perfect Match

Our Color Matching Lab not only provides testing, formulations, and color matching, but we go beyond the usual services by blending the Art of Color with the Science of Plastics.

We have partnered up with industry leaders in color to ensure that we are continually up-to-date with the latest trends and influences in the world of color. comprehensive research lab to help our customers design the latest colors and color combinations.

We know that when it comes to coloring plastics, certain formulations work better with certain resins, processes, and equipment. It is also why we consider what type of resin you require. We then work to design the perfect formulation for your resin/color mix. And we can do that for concentrates, dry color blends, or liquid colorants.

This is why when color matching we take into consideration whether the plastics are opaque or clear or transparent. We work closely with you to ensure that all your color requirements are consistent from lot-to-lot and perform to the highest quality processing standards.

This year promises to be a beautifully colored with some of the newest shades from bright to light to deep, rich tones. Let us help you update your color pallet to meet your brandโ€™s latest requirements.

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