Quality Compliance

Quality Policy

quality policy

Plastics Color is dedicated to delivering a superior customer experience with each & every interaction that we have with our customers. In order to do this, we must:

  1. Develop products & solutions that add value to our customer’s end products.
  2. Understand our customer’s requirements & our individual responsibility to meet the requirements.
  3. Demonstrate pride in our workmanship that is reflected in the quality of our product.
  4. Remain committed to continuous improvement in everything we do.
  5. Ship our products on time every time.

We are committed to delivering this experience because we understand that satisfied customers are our most valuable assets.

Drug Master Files for our Products

The Plastics Color Corporation library of certifications and accreditations can be accessed in the section below. Our company is committed to providing a better product for consumers. With this in mind we have authenticated our innovation in testing and manufacturing with certifications from some the industry’s most important accreditations programs. From cleanliness to fire safety, Plastics Color has strived to present the best possible product, starting with the creation process.

The benefits of these credentials, such as Drug Master Files, are evident in how they enable us to more efficiently serve each customer.

In early 2015, Plastics Color proudly announced the hiring of a new Corporate Quality Systems and Regulatory Affairs Manager. This is a new position, and one that is unique to Plastics Color, as we continue to set the standards in the plastics industry. This new position will provide dedicated corporate oversight to ensure that the high quality standards are being met on a daily basis. It’s the highest level of insurance you can have that not only are we meeting and exceeding our own high expectations, but the demanding regulatory compliances as well.

Drug Master Files

A Drug Master File (DMF) is a confidential, detailed document submitted by Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers to the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (USFDA). A DMF is used when two or more companies work together to develop, manufacture, or package a drug product that will be submitted for FDA review. Secured by the government, a DMF ensures the contents are accurate, they are secure from public viewing, and they are easy to obtain by our OEM (via an authorization letter) when FDA approval is needed. There are 5 different categories of DMF and Plastics Color falls under Category 3 (packaging).

UL Certified

The Underwriters Laboratories (UL) is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting safe living and working environments through various testing, inspection, auditing, and certification processes. Plastics Color have multiple products that meet UL standards in various categories including PPC, PEC, ABS, HIPS, and our flame retardant to name a few. And to ensure we’re always maintaining a high level of quality, an auditor drops by once a year to perform tests on random samples. This ensures we are continually proving safe products for our customers.

Accreditations and Certifications

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