Blow Molding

Blow Molding 440x

See Your Color In Action

Color selection is crucial in the consumer and retail markets. Marketers understand the role that color plays in product messaging and visual impact.

Hues, shades, tones, clarity and special effects look different on a sample chip than they do on a finished product.

Plastics Color’s blow molding sample service lets you see what your choices would look with an actual bottle – which helps speed your product to market.

Our blow molding sample service means:

  1. Customers can see their colors on an actual bottle, not just a color chip
  2. Color selection process is quicker and simpler.
  3. Production facilities don’t have to tie up machine time or break into a production run to do samples.
  4. Sample bottles are available in PP, PE and PET.
  5. Available bottle molds incorporate the angles, curves and thicknesses of common bottle styles.
  6. Special effects additives including metallic, pearlescent and fluorescent are available. Samples can also incorporate functional additives such as UV stabilizers, anti-stats, clarifiers and antimicrobials.

Save Time And Money With Plastics Color

With the ability to provide concentrates, masterbatches, and liquid color, Plastics Color provides fast, reliable solutions for your plastic production needs. Our color and additive specialists can help you with packaging solutions for markets where quality, function and effects are key.

Contact a Plastics Color representative today to find out more.

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